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Content Editing Services


Hire Lizzy to content edit your project! Lizzy has discreetly worked with several best selling authors to help them polish their manuscripts. With her wide range of publishing projects, Lizzy is comfortable editing in multiple genres of fiction to include: Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative (general) written for any audience (young adult, adult, new adult.)  

Lizzy's goal is to help the author connect with his/her readers while respecting the author's distinct writing style. 

This service is in-depth content editing with the intent of polishing the manuscript before a final copyedit. This service is a deeper level edit than a typical line edit or proofread and includes extensive revising, where needed, and notes/suggestions on how to improve the character development, story arc, or other aspects of storytelling. Final copyedit is recommended after this in-depth line edit.

Because of the depth and time required to perform this level of revision, and because of Lizzy's expertise, her prices reflect the time required for a lengthy content revision. 

Note: please contact Lizzy before purchasing. Lizzy@lizzyford.com.

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